Thursday, May 20, 2010


Do you ever see words in photographs? I often joke when looking at a book or magazine that I am just looking at the pretty pictures. That is true, however ironically my experience when I am viewing photographs especially ones that INSPIRE, is an arrival of words that present themselves to me. This is part of my process in my editing of my work or experiencing any art that uplifts or inspires me.

While this TODDLER is simply laying in the grass and from all accounts just looking at his hand. I EXPERIENCE and SEE such BEAUTY in the simple act of him BEING.

Words instantly start to line up as if they were guests attending a gala event. Words like, IMAGINATION, WONDERMENT, BLISS, INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, MARVEL, CONTENTMENT and PEACE.

When I see words of this caliber showing up I liken it to powdered sugar. It’s the finishing touch for me in discerning which images are the best.

My hope for my work is that people will experience the sweetness of their own powdered sugar and have the tiniest bit SMILING on the tip of their noses after viewing my photographs.

So do you like powdered sugar on your photographs?

I do! It’s the sweetest signature I can leave behind.

Why not give the GIFT of REMEMBRANCE with a portrait from SCANDINAVIAN PHOTOGRAPHY LLC

Scandinavian Photography LLC

celebrating 20 years of photographing people during all the wonderful stages of LIFE.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do you remember when an AIRPLANE ride was FREE?

Often times when I photograph with a FATHER and his SON or DAUGHTER I will have them interact in someway creating an environment to allow him to be PRESENT with his CHILDREN. The results are photographs with a quality of AUTHENTICITY and VALUE as he is able to witness what it looks like to be ENGAGED with his CHILDREN in the simple act of PLAY.

Why not give the GIFT of REMEMBRANCE with a portrait from SCANDINAVIAN PHOTOGRAPHY LLC

Scandinavian Photography LLC celebrating 20 years of photographing people during all the wonderful stages of LIFE.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I think laughter is fear’s kryptonite.

This past weekend I was invited to go roller skating with friends and to celebrate a friend’s birthday. As I consulted my cordless abacus I realized the last time I had been on roller skates was when I was 10 years old meaning 31 years had passed since I had been on roller skates. That's almost as long as my last post on this blog.

I had been invited a week ahead of time and I started to hear my fear voice saying hmmm maybe not a good idea Erik, you might break something.... hmm what is your deductible on your health insurance? Hmmm how long does a broken bone take to heal on a 41 year old Viking? I don't think that little voice was ever present when I was 10. I am glad to say that I did not listen to my fear voice I still went. In hindsight it might have been helpful if I had packed a little bit of grace and ease to come along with me to the roller rink neither of those words could be used to describe my over all performance. Let's just say I made a real impression on the floor....witnesses might have said I had a intimate relationship with the floor. I noticed that fewer and fewer people were getting on the rink I told myself it was the music of such bands as “Lover boy” Foreigner” and “Toto” but deep down I knew it was because my presence and unique style that was better experienced from afar .

Symbolically I believe each fall, wipeout, yard sale; crash represented each year that I had not been on skates. Basically I relived a good part of my youth all over again. Grounded is a word that comes to mind. Motrin is another. It really sucks to fall. It really sucks to fall in front of others. Ironically I laughed each time I fell which I believe allowed me to be very present which translated in a great time. How I wish I could have laughed more in my youth about the things I did not do well in front of others.

I had so much fun that night and as for my fear voice of falling down it seemed to go away as soon as I started to laugh. How truly wonderful it is to be able to laugh at yourself especially when doing something that you might not be great at. I know my ego does not fully agree so I think I will send him on a vacation to the Delusion Islands.

I find it fascinating that my fear voice can stop me from really experiencing joy in my life. I intend to be more present for those times when it potentially robs me of great experiences.

Do you have a fear voice? Do you allow that voice to be loud in your life? Can you send it on vacation? When do you notice when your fear voice shows up? Are there anything’s you have not done since you were 10 that sound like fun but might be afraid to do?

I look forward to writing again in this blog I realized I have missed it and while I don't miss the roller rink floor I do miss laughing with such abandonment and the best part was it was at my own expense.

Look beyond the obvious you may see something you never knew before.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Can you see with your eyes closed?

Here is a photograph of a dear client of mine who's wedding I photographed and then had the opportunity years later to photograph his family.

Often times when I am photographing, someone might have their eyes closed for instance when laughing or when embracing. Many of my clients surmise if only the eyes were open it would be a great photograph. I believe that in those cases where we close our eyes on purpose we are doing something that goes beyond what might be perceived as bad timing. In a group photograph its truly is about timing.

Allowing for the father to be with his son he is moved to give his son a hug. You see the embrace he gives to his son and he naturally closes his eyes as if he is simultaneously drinking in and pouring out his love for his son. The father's expression is one of peace, serenity and calm as I witness it. This place where the father has gone to is absolutely beautiful. In his world at that moment there is nothing more important nothing more pressing then his experience of LOVE in his embrace.

Do you get a good feeling when you see the image? Do you think he needs to have his eyes open in order for this to be a powerful image? Granted I did do images of him looking back into the camera but when he instinctivly closed his eyes I felt the image had so much more power.

Can you be aware when you close your eyes? Can you have an awareness of where you go when you do this? Do you see anything from within?
Does closing your eyes heighten your experience? Does closing your eyes allow you to focus?

Enjoy those moments where you are moved from within to close your eyes. You might experience something you've never seen before.